China high quality S45c Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rod for Hydraulic Cylinder vacuum pump design

Product Description

S45c Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rod for Hydraulic Cylinder

Product Description

The piston rod is a common component in the field of mechanical engineering. It is usually used in conjunction with the piston to transform the reciprocating motion into rotating motion or other forms of motion.
Piston rods are generally made of high-quality alloy steel or stainless steel to ensure strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. 
The material we usually is CK45, 42CrMo and ST52, and the common plate is chrome, and some customers need nickel and ceramic.


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Piston rod is suitable for all kinds of different types of hydraulic cylinder, pneumatic cylinder, engineering machinery, packaging machinery, woodworking machinery, conveying machinery, textile machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, die casting machine, injection molding machine, automobile manufacturing and other machinery with guide rod, jacking rod, etc.
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Product Parameters

For other sizes, you can call me or inquiry me.

Φ15.88 Φ25.4 Φ28.58 Φ31.75 Φ44.45 Φ57.15 Φ76.2

Φ6 Φ8 Φ10 Φ12 Φ16 Φ20 Φ22
Φ25 Φ28 Φ30 Φ32 Φ35 Φ36 Φ38
Φ40 Φ45 Φ50 Φ55 Φ60 Φ65 Φ70
Φ75 Φ80 Φ85 Φ90 Φ100 Φ110 Φ120
Φ125 Φ130 Φ140 Φ150 Φ160 Φ170 Φ180
Φ200 Φ220 Φ250 Φ300 Φ350 Φ400 Φ450
Φ500 Φ550 Φ600 Φ650 Φ700 Φ750 Φ800-1600

Work flow

For our piston rods, we have 4 types: common without any heat treatment, quenched and tempered, induction hardened, and QT+hardened.
Different type has different work flow and different delivery time


Packaging & Shipping


Our Advantages

We are a manufacture of honed tubes, also we can produce piston rods and hydraulic cylinders.
When you want to purchase proper products for hydraulic cylinders, you can come and visit us.
We have advanced equipment and technology, high quality product guarantee, flexible production capacity and excellent geographical location and logistics advantages, I believe you will select us and we can provide you good purchasing experience.



A: Can your products or machines be customized?
Q: Yes,we are a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of cylinder tubes ranging from φ 32 to φ 1600 for ID, piston rods ranging from φ 6 to φ 1600 for diameter and hollow piston rods for cylinders. Our products also include hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, high precision honing machine, hydraulic cold drawing machine, skiving and burnishing machine, hydraulic pressing machine and a variety of corresponding spare parts.

A: Can I customize product to suit my need?
Q: Yes, of course you can. If you have the drawing or special requirements, send it to me in advance, then I can produce according to your requirements.

A: How can I track my order?
Q: After we receive the deposit, we will buy raw material and update the progress to you erevy steps. While you have question, you can also let me know, we will explain to you about that.

A: What about the transportation?
Q: Usually we ship by sea transportation, because it is more convenient and cheaper for big machine. Of course, if you have any other requirements, we can ship accordingly.

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Material: Carbon Steel
Load: Drive Shaft
Stiffness & Flexibility: Flexible Shaft
Journal Diameter Dimensional Accuracy: IT6-IT9
Axis Shape: Straight Shaft
Shaft Shape: Real Axis
US$ 1/piece
1 piece(Min.Order)




China high quality S45c Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rod for Hydraulic Cylinder   vacuum pump design		China high quality S45c Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rod for Hydraulic Cylinder   vacuum pump design
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